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Green Chemistry in Education Workshop 2016

The Green Chemistry in Education Workshop sponsored by NSF Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops & Communities of Scholars (cCWCS) will be held at the University of Oregon again this year. James Hutchison, Julie Haack, Ken Doxsee, and hutchlab members will be hosting the week-long workshop, scheduled to take place July 16 through July 22, 2016.  Check back--more information will be posted as it becomes available.


Latest from Dune Sciences

New National Research Council Report

Report published by the National Research Council describes a framework for selecting safer chemicals.

A Framework to Guide Selection of Chemical Alternatives

Professor Hutchison co-authored a report that describes a unified framework that can be used by companies to evaluate and adopted safer chemicals as alternatives to existing products.  The report describes how to leverage novel high-throughput data streams, make decisions with incomplete datasets and apply green chemistry during the innovation process.

Hutchlab paper most frequent ACSNano download in 2014!

The paper "Synthesis of Ligand-Stabilized Metal Oxide Nanocrystals and Epitaxial Core/Shell Nanocrystals via a Lower-Temperature Esterification Process" was first in the top twenty list of most read articles in the American Chemical Society's journal ACSNano.  Daisuke Ito, Shun Yokoyama, Tatiana Zaikova, Keiichiro Masuko, and James E. Hutchison, 2014, 8 (1), pp 64–75 Publication Date (Web): December 26, 2013 (Article) DOI: 10.1021/nn401888.

UO-produced Video Points Students Toward Sustainable Industry

Jim Hutchison tackles both the definition and its application in the production of metals in a newly produced educational video for the Materials Research Society.  "The video was developed to encourage undergraduates to consider sustainability as part of their studies early in their academic careers," Hutchison said. "It starts by making the case that sustainability is an important challenge for future generations. It then describes the need to consider the lifecycle of materials and products as an integral part of sustainable design."  Follow link below to complete article and video.

Recent Hutchlab Paper Offers New Insights on Controlling Nanoparticle Stability

EUGENE, Ore. — (Dec. 9, 2013) — University of Oregon chemists studying the structure of ligand-stabilized gold nanoparticles have captured fundamental new insights about their stability. The information, they say, could help to maintain a desired, integral property in nanoparticles used in electronic devices,

where stability is important, or to design them so they readily condense into thin films for such things as inks or catalysts in electronic or solar devices.

In a project — detailed in the Nov. 27 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C — doctoral student Beverly L. Smith and James E. Hutchison, who holds the Lokey-Harrington Chair in Chemistry at the UO, analyzed how nanoparticle size and molecules on their surfaces, called ligands, influence structural integrity under rising temperatures.

Hutchison to serve as Associate Editor for new journal - Environmental Science: Nano

The Royal Society of Chemistry is very pleased to announce Jim Hutchison as one of the Associate Editors for their journal Environmental Science:  Nano...A unique journal dedicated to nanomaterial interactions with biological and environmental systems.

New Labs for Integrative Science

The Lewis Integrative Science Building has facilities for nanotechnology, solar energy, neuroscience, and molecular biology research. For more information about integrative science at the University of Oregon see